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View our ArcticStore Product Brochure 2023

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View our latest ArcticStore™ product range! One of TITAN’s most successful brands is our ArcticStore™ portable cold storage solutions. Fitted with innovative and modern technology, we offer reliable and precise temperature-controlled storage while saving energy.

Our brochure provides all the necessary information about our refrigerated containers, including their features, technical specifications and available sizes. Our product range includes five main types of cold storage depending on your application and needs. Many industries need reliable and precise temperature-controlled storage and our team of experts can help you choose the most efficient option.

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The brochure also covers details of add-on services and accessories such as noise-reducing attachments, ramps, shelving and many more. We can provide bespoke storage if you require modifications to the external or internal of the container. This may involve different doors, dual temperature zones or whatever your project may require. You dream it, we produce it!

If you’re looking to work smarter you can add SmartArctic to your package which enables the customers to remotely monitor and control your ArcticStore via a secure, simple and user-friendly interface. SmartArctic not only saves you time and money but also adds value to your daily business activities.

Smartarctic remote control - TITAN Containers

We want to encourage our customers to make sustainable choices, therefore we want to provide ArcticStore products that save you energy and costs. Included within the brochure are details on our Tropical ArcticStore which saves you 20% on energy with extra insulation. Another option to reduce running costs is our solar-powered cold storage with solar panels that generate free energy to assist the power of the refrigerated containers. Speak to our experts to learn more about saving energy!

You can discover all of the above and much more by viewing our new brochure here!

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View our ArcticStore Product Brochure 2023

View our latest ArcticStore™ product range! One of TITAN’s most successful brands is our ArcticStore™ portable cold...

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