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MT Movers are a well trusted transport supplier for TITAN Containers

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It's Dec 26, 2021, Boxing Day, the weather has finally turned for the better with some rain falling in the middle of summer at Moonrocks Farms, St George, 500 km due west of Brisbane Australia.

When you consider Australia is 4000km wide this is nearly considered to be a local move.

The customer puts in a quick call to TITAN Queensland manager Christian Andrew, “We need 4 of your 40-foot Arctic Stores out here as soon as possible, yesterday would be good.”


The next day, 0900, 92km west of Brisbane, MT Movers have responded to the call and are hooking up a second trailer to both trucks to form two of Australia’s iconic road trains.

The combined length of truck and trailer: 33.5m long. Overall weight with 2 empty Arctic stores is only 39 tons which won’t be much of a challenge for the 540 hp Volvo motors.

Not many hills out this way, Toowoomba range with a 6% grade is the only hill to speak of then 400km west on a straight single lane road to St George. Three and a half hours later and a quick stop for a coffee at Westmar, population 64, then into St George population 3000.

After 6 hours of driving John and Jamie wheel through St George and out to the farm, another 15 km through town.


After a quick site inspection to see where the new ArcticStores will go, the boys get to work, unloading the ArcticStores from their side loaders then plucking the second units off their tag trailers.

40minutes later, job done, hooked up for the return trip home and 4 brand new Arctic Stores turned on and chilling down ready for the crop tomorrow.

Being only allowed to drive for 12 hours by their logbooks they won’t have enough hours to make it home tonight, a night in the trucks with a steak at their favourite roadhouse should ease the pain of being away.

If you are interested in container transportation services, MT Movers is definitely one of the best options which should be taken into consideration. Find out more on their website or contact them directly at operations@mtmovers.com.au




For more details on our HACCP certified ARCTIC short or long term solutions, contact our TITAN expert Christian:

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Email: can@titancontainers.com.au

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