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Donna Urquhart and TITAN Containers: Partnering to Conquer Antarctica

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December 2023 is set to witness a remarkable feat as ultra-marathon runner Donna Urquhart prepares to conquer a staggering 1300 km in just 30 days in Antarctica. Breaking not only records but also barriers, this tenacious athlete is not alone in her journey. TITAN Containers Australia is proud to play a role in providing the essential support she needs to realize her goal.

Meet Donna Urquhart, a trailblazing endurance runner, who has been passionately exploring the boundaries of human potential. This fierce and resilient athlete draws her inspiration from the unexplored and the unprecedented. 

Driven by her curiosity and the desire to push the limits, Donna embarked on a mission to become the first female ultra-marathon runner to conquer the impressive 1300 km distance through the icy terrains of Antarctica. However, she quickly realized the challenges ahead were immense. The harsh weather conditions, sub-zero temperatures, and isolation demanded extensive preparation and support.

Enter TITAN Containers, renowned for our reliable and cutting-edge ArcticStore refrigerated containers. Recognizing the significance of Donna's endeavor and her commitment to empowering female athletes, TITAN stepped forward to provide her with the crucial infrastructure she needed for her training in the months leading up to the groundbreaking expedition.

We supplied two of our best ArcticStore refrigerated containers, each tailored to mimic the extreme temperatures of Antarctica. One container was set at a chilling -5 degrees Celsius, while the other was set at an astonishing -40 degrees Celsius, ensuring Donna could simulate the harsh conditions she would face during her record-breaking run. The ability to train in these controlled environments proved invaluable in preparing her body and mind for the upcoming Antarctic challenge.



Beyond setting a world record and fulfilling her personal ambitions, Donna's journey is deeply rooted in empowering fellow female athletes struggling with confidence issues. Her desire to inspire and uplift others on their own journeys is the driving force behind her cause. By showcasing what women can achieve through dedication and resilience, she aims to inspire young female athletes across the globe.

TITAN Containers shares her vision and is proud to support her mission of empowering women in sports. By enabling her Antarctic preparation, TITAN is backing her ambition.

Accompanied by a riveting video segment from a leading news channel in Australia, Donna Urquhart's incredible Antarctic challenge sets out to immerse the viewers into her ambitions, thoughts leading up to the expedition, and her preparation utilizing our ArcticStore refrigerated containers.


The world will be watching as Donna Urquhart will be taking her first strides on the frozen continent, embarking on a remarkable quest. TITAN Containers stands by her side, providing the vital tools she needs to shatter records and pave the way for future generations of female athletes.

The story of Donna Urquhart is a testament to the boundless human spirit and TITAN Containers are proud to be a part of her journey!

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Donna Urquhart and TITAN Containers: Partnering to Conquer Antarctica

December 2023 is set to witness a remarkable feat as ultra-marathon runner Donna Urquhartprepares to conquer a...

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