used shipping containers for sale

Second hand containers come in many different qualities from almost new to a wreck, see our used container grades below as guide to buying used shipping & storage containers.

Water tight 20ft and 40ft used shipping containers including hi-cubes

Almost all container types can be supplied as used or 2nd hand containers.

Cargo Worthy / Wind and watertight with no holes 20' and 40' used steel containers are perfect for all types of storage

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Please see our grading scheme for used ISO containers. This is offered as a guideline only.

For shipping and transport use we sell used cargo worthy containers with valid CSC plate. Shippers Own Certificates are provided on request.


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open tops, flat racks, platforms, reefers, side door/access containers

NewER and normal used quality, 20' and 40' Open top, Flat Rack, Reefers as well as 20' side door/access containers and tunnel containers:

New, almost new and cargo worthy used containers with valid CSC plates are available for project loading and export as well as for logistic applications in the mining and local transport industry.


We also offer 1-way rental 20ft and 40ft  open top, flat rack and 20ft side access containers between Australia and most parts of the world.


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Shippers Own Certificates are provided on request at the time of purchase or hire.



20ft and 40ft used containers for sale can normally be supplied from depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Fremantle, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney, Townsville. SA South Australia, WA Western Australia, Vic Victoria, Qld Queensland, NSW New South Wales, NT Northern Territories, ACT Australian Capitol Territory, Tas Tasmania