Retail, Catering, Bakeries and Australian Events - extra portable refrigerated storage space

Supermarkets, hotels, caterers and event organisers are very regular year round customers storing everything from prepared meals to beer and soft drinks.

Our 1-hand opening doors means everyone can easily open and close the door. The internal lights are great attributes for especially these customers who often need to use the temporary cold store after the hours of darkness.

ArcticStores are fitted with door lock and air curtains. A purpose built ramp is supplied unless otherwise agreed.

1000 pints of beer or soft drinks will be chilled by 25C in less than 1½ hours when using the high speed fans.

This fast pull down also ensures fast recovery to set point where the doors are being opened and closed frequently at shows, festivals, concerts and other events. TITAN supply all types of caterers, from some of the world's largest breweries, catering companies to the local boy scouts serving burgers at the town fair.

When you rent do you get something like below? If you don't then call TITAN the next time you need refrigerated storage space!