used shipping containers for sale

Second hand containers come in many different qualities from almost new to a wreck.

See our used container grades below as guide to buying used shipping & storage containers.

20FT and 40FT used shipping containers including high cubes

Almost all container types can be supplied as used or 2nd hand containers. Interested in special models?

Repaired wind/water tight cargo worthy 20' and 40' used steel shipping containers are great for all types of dry storage.

For shipping and transport applications we sell used cargo worthy containers with valid CSC plate. Shippers Own Certificates are provided on request.

You can pick up from our depots or we can deliver with tilt tray, side lifter or hiab transport.

Please see our grading scheme for used ISO containers. This is offered as a quality guideline only.

Our friendly and professional team at TITAN offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney look forward to hearing from you.


Here are some examples of used 20FT and 40FT shipping containers


NewER and normal used quality, 20' and 40' Open top, Flat Rack, Reefers as well as 20' side door/access containers and tunnel containers:

New, almost new and cargo worthy used containers with valid CSC plates are available for project loading and export as well as for logistic applications in the mining and local transport industry.


We also offer 1-way rental 20ft and 40ft  open top, flat rack and 20ft side access containers between Australia and most parts of the world.


Read more on used 20ft. and 40ft. reefer container sales


Shippers Own Certificates are provided on request at the time of purchase or hire.



Used container grading standards - please take these as a general indication only. No two used containers are really the same!

20ft nearly new

For storage the containers' condition is of greater relevance and importance. A used container in good condition will last much longer than one in poor condition. Used containers are typically more than 12 years old.

From time to time we have newer used containers for sale. These have typically been used mostly for storage but some shipping. Most are like new but might be 1-5 years old.

We also sell new 1-trip containers.

Used shipping containers are typically 15-20 years old when released by the original owners through sales disposal. Unfortunately, as time passes the average age is increasing and as a consequence the general condition is in decline.
Grade A used containerGrade A used container

Grade A

- Panels - good cosmetic condition inside and outside, limited rust and dents and zero corrosion.
- Floor - clean and without patches.
- Doors - functioning with complete door gaskets. Easy/relative easy to open & close.
- Framework - (CSC) I good condition. No corrosion - CSC can be updated with the maximum 30 months.
- In general - This quality represents the top 10/15% of used containers. The container is wind and water tight and is expected to remain so for many years without need for repair or maintenance of consequence.
Grade B used containersGrade B used containers

Grade B

- Panels - OK cosmetic condition inside and outside, probably with some rust and dents and limited or no corrosion.
- Floor - can be good but more probably with repairs/patches and stains.
- Doors - functional.
- Framework - (CSC) I good condition. No advanced corrosion - CSC can be updated with the maximum 30 months but possibly less.
- In general - Most normal quality for used containers. The container is wind and water tight but some deterioration in quality can be expected that may require remedial work in the medium term.

Grade C used containerGrade C used container

Grade C

- Panels - generally in poor condition with rust and corrosion.
- Floor - suitable for use.
- Doors - functional.
- Framework - (CSC) In acceptable condition. Possibly suited for short term CSC update.
- In general - This quality represents the bottom 20% of used containers. The container is wind and water tight but with a limited life before repairs to maintain water tight integrity.
20ft and 40ft used containers for sale can normally be supplied from depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Fremantle, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney, Townsville. SA South Australia, WA Western Australia, Vic Victoria, Qld Queensland, NSW New South Wales, NT Northern Territories, ACT Australian Capitol Territory, Tas Tasmania