New 1-trip, used or secondhand shipping and storage containers are available for hire and sale in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and worldwide.

Always affordable solutions with quality service.


We use mostly new rental containers for local storage and lockbox or alternative security locks are available. User friendly high door handles are almost standard.

For international shipping and logistics you can pick up and return cargo worthy and CSC plated shipping containers around the globe. We offer more than 200 depot locations.


Private and commercial customers, the hire of one or many containers, short or long term hire. All are welcome.

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All container types are available for short and long term hire, loaded storage available as well as logistic assistance if relocating. Supply and return depots nationwide.

Standard features on the majority of containers include:

  • New/like new - clean, watertight and look very respectable

  • Door handles at the right height when on the ground

  • Lock-box on all doors

  • Fork pockets on all models including some 40's

  • 20' hi-cube with extra ventilation and tie rails

  • Eco-friendly and easy clean bamboo container floors

  • Hi-cube 10's and 30cm higher 8' & 6' mini containers


All our new 1-trip container types can be bought if this is your preference.

New iso 1-trip Containers for hire and sale

1-trip containers in many colours, sizes and types.

New containers - many colours

TITAN sell new 1 trip 20 ft. shipping and new storage containers in more than 15 different colours & shades.

New one-trip special 20ft. containers and most 40ft. new containers are most often built in blue.

We can build in your specific colour if desired.

Lockbox is standard as are sensible height door handles.

Water based protective paint systems and most often environmentally friendly bamboo floors.

Like new but built a year or 2 ago

We often have like new containers for sale as well.

Regular production ensures a continuous flow of new storage and shipping containers into our depots. Check recent depot arrivals of new 1-trip containers picture gallery

We normally have the following new shipping or new storage container types for sale. If not in Australia then at factories from where we can inexpensively move to where you require.

8' Standard Shipping Container
10' Standard Shipping Container
10' Refrigerated Container/ArcticStore
20' Standard Shipping Container
20' HiCube Shipping Container
20' Double Door - Doors in both ends - tunnel Shipping Container 8'6" and Hi-Cube
20' Full Side Access Shipping Container 8'6" and Hi-Cube
20' Open Top
20' Refrigerated Container/ArcticStore
40' Standard Shipping Container
40' HiCube Shipping Container
40' Double Door - Doors in both ends - tunnel Shipping Container 8'6" and Hi-Cube
40' Open Top
40' HiCube Refrigerated Container/ArcticStore

8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft new shipping and storage containers can generally be supplied from depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Fremantle, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney, Townsville. SA South Australia, WA Western Australia, Vic Victoria, Qld Queensland, NSW New South Wales, NT Northern Territories, ACT Australian Capitol Territory, Tas Tasmania

TITAN normally have local and/or factory stock of 1-trip Hi-cube, high cube, standard, open top, full side access - opening, side door, double door, doors in both ends, reefers, refrigerated containers as well as small 8ft and 10ft containers including DNV 2.7.1 off shore containers.

Due to the many handlings between factories and our depots it is inevitable that some small damages may occur to 1-trip new containers.

Side door, side opening and tunnel containers with doors in both ends

  • 20' x 8'6" - 1 side + 1 end

  • 20' x 9'6" - 1 side + 1 end

  • 20'/40' x 8'6" - doors both ends

  • 20'/40' x 9'6" - doors both ends


A well insulated standard container helps avoid extreme temperature change inside the container.

can also be used though the T-section floor can be awkward and doors heavy to open and close

All our reefers operate up to +30°C. If you need higher temperatures; the HotStore will go all the way to +70°C

used shipping containers for sale

Second hand containers come in many different qualities from almost new to a wreck.

See our used container grades below as guide to buying used shipping & storage containers.

20FT and 40FT used shipping containers including high cubes

Almost all container types can be supplied as used or 2nd hand containers. Interested in special models?

Repaired wind/water tight cargo worthy 20' and 40' used steel shipping containers are great for all types of dry storage.

For shipping and transport applications we sell used cargo worthy containers with valid CSC plate. Shippers Own Certificates are provided on request.

You can pick up from our depots or we can deliver with tilt tray, side lifter or hiab transport.

Please see our grading scheme for used ISO containers. This is offered as a quality guideline only.

Our friendly and professional team at TITAN offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney look forward to hearing from you.


Here are some examples of used 20FT and 40FT shipping containers


NewER and normal used quality, 20' and 40' Open top, Flat Rack, Reefers as well as 20' side door/access containers and tunnel containers:

New, almost new and cargo worthy used containers with valid CSC plates are available for project loading and export as well as for logistic applications in the mining and local transport industry.


We also offer 1-way rental 20ft and 40ft  open top, flat rack and 20ft side access containers between Australia and most parts of the world.


Read more on used 20ft. and 40ft. reefer container sales


Shippers Own Certificates are provided on request at the time of purchase or hire.



Used container grading standards - please take these as a general indication only. No 2 used containers are really the same!

20ft nearly new

For storage the containers' condition is of greater relevance and importance. A used container in good condition will last much longer than one in poor condition. Used containers are typically more than 12 years old.

From time to time we have newer used containers for sale. These have typically been used mostly for storage but some shipping. Most are like new but might be 1-5 years old.

We also sell new 1-trip containers.

Used shipping containers are typically 15-20 years old when released by the original owners through sales disposal. Unfortunately, as time passes the average age is increasing and as a consequence the general condition is in decline.

Grade A used containerGrade A used container

Grade A

- Panels - good cosmetic condition inside and outside, limited rust and dents and zero corrosion.
- Floor - clean and without patches.
- Doors - functioning with complete door gaskets. Easy/relative easy to open & close.
- Framework - (CSC) I good condition. No corrosion - CSC can be updated with the maximum 30 months.
- In general - This quality represents the top 10/15% of used containers. The container is wind and water tight and is expected to remain so for many years without need for repair or maintenance of consequence.

Grade B used containersGrade B used containers

Grade B

- Panels - OK cosmetic condition inside and outside, probably with some rust and dents and limited or no corrosion.
- Floor - can be good but more probably with repairs/patches and stains.
- Doors - functional.
- Framework - (CSC) I good condition. No advanced corrosion - CSC can be updated with the maximum 30 months but possibly less.
- In general - Most normal quality for used containers. The container is wind and water tight but some deterioration in quality can be expected that may require remedial work in the medium term.

Grade C used containerGrade C used container

Grade C

- Panels - generally in poor condition with rust and corrosion.
- Floor - suitable for use.
- Doors - functional.
- Framework - (CSC) In acceptable condition. Possibly suited for short term CSC update.
- In general - This quality represents the bottom 20% of used containers. The container is wind and water tight but with a limited life before repairs to maintain water tight integrity.

20ft and 40ft used containers for sale can normally be supplied from depots in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Fremantle, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney, Townsville. SA South Australia, WA Western Australia, Vic Victoria, Qld Queensland, NSW New South Wales, NT Northern Territories, ACT Australian Capitol Territory, Tas Tasmania


Market leader in cold storage solutions

10', 20' and 40' ArcticStores are extremely reliable and with very cost efficient running together with great user friendly attributes to improve users ergonomics, experience and economy. Day to day availability from depots around Australia.

Our special refrigerated storage products include SuperStores; extremely flexible and economical large open plan cold stores, ArcticBlast for rapid chilling and freezing and the UltraFreezer for operating down to minus 65°C.

The health and safety attributes in all our products improve the workplace compliancy.

Standard power supply: 380/440 V 3 Phase 50/60 HZ. Power lead with 5 pin plug. We operate a limited number of single phase units. READ MORE

We supply with R134A, R404A, R452A or CO2 refrigerants. Our R404A machinery is 100% compatible for later change to R452A an EU compliant refrigerant.

The ArcticStore product range

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ArcticStore range

With easy opening doors, flat floors, internal lighting, internal door release, panic alarm and ground to floor aluminium ramps the ArcticStore is perfect when you need reliable temperature controlled storage.

Can be used anywhere there is 380/440V 3 phase 50/60hz power supply.

Available from depots in Australia ArcticStores can be hired for events, distribution, production and on and off site storage.

Hygienic interiors are suitable for just about everything including; of all types of food produce, beverages, raw materials and pharmaceuticals.

Power savings (compared with older refrigerated machinery) are very significant.

All the user friendly attributes will improve your health & safety, save you time and save you $'s.

Assembly of an Arctic SuperStore

The anatomy of an ArcticStore


ArcticStore and Arctic SuperStores can be supplied with single phase refrigeration but the performance is not as we advertise in our brochures and technical specifications.

Refrigerated storage containers using single phase have a more limited temperature range than when fitted with marine refrigeration.

After door opening the pull-down time will be longer and power consumption different to the figures offered in our technical information.

Single phase equipment is very limited and tends to be more expensive than our normal marine refrigeration cold storage solutions.

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We offer a wide range of DNV offshore containers and CCUs for hire worldwide. Many types are available for prompt pick up from our depots in Asia, Middle East, Europe and The Americas

Sizes: 5' - 6' - 8' - 10' - 20' - 40' - bespoke

Types include: CCU - Open Top - ½ height - Hard Top - Bin - Reefer



From stand alone office modules to a temporary or permanent office complex with all facilities. TITAN 4 PEOPLE have a wide range of products and solutions suited to the local market standards and norms.


Containers can be modified to suit many varied applications. Only limited by the imagination!