Used 20ft 40ft reefer refrigerated shipping or storage containers for hire, lease and sale 

TITAN Containers offer used second hand 20' and 40' refrigerated containers at afforable prices for your Business. 

Used reefers refrigerated shipping containers for sale


Used second hand 20' and 40' refrigerated containers are often thought of as ideal for use as storage containers. Whilst the cost of buying such a container may seem attractive there are many good reasons for considering buying new instead.


Reefer containers are normally sold in "running" condition with valid PTI (Pre Trip Inspection) or "as-is" in non-running condition.


They are typically 15-20 years old though can be younger or older. Their entire life has normally been in use for international transport and the container body has typically been damaged and where essential repaired which results in reduced insulation values.


Doors are often subject to some heat leakage due to damaged and deformed door gaskets and of course they feature T-section floors that are not the most suitable for storage applications.


The refrigeration machinery will be just as old as the container and will probably be less power efficient (compared with new technology refrigeration) and there may be issues with regards to reliability.


WE DO NOTE HIRE/RENT THIS QUALITY - see our rental containers

Newer Used Reefers For Hire At VERY Affordable Rates! 


Lease Purchase Also Available!


We have a limited stock of quality used reefer containers for hire and lease purchase in the following locations.

  • QLD - Brisbane
  • NSW - Sydney
  • VIC - Melbourne
  • SA - Adelaide.


" Not So Old" and "Not So Used" standard  shipping reefers. 

  • Short and Long Term Hire
  • 5 year Lease Purchase contracts available on this specific stock
  • Valid PTI (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Energy Efficient Daikin Machines
  • Modern Technology refrigeration for power savings

Meet the ArcticStore range of refrigerated containers


Hire TITAN's modern, user friendly, power efficient reefer containers and experience all the benefits compared with traditional refrigerated shipping containers.