TITAN's ArcticStore TM range of premier cold storage solutions

New 10' 20' and 40' stand alone mobile cold store refrigerated containers for hire and sale. For more detailed information please visit our dedicated web portal.

Temperature controlled storage space from just a few M2 to more than 300M2.

In ambient temperatures from +50oC to -30oC we offer hygienic, accurate and reliable refrigerated storage:

- 10', 20' & 40' ArcticStores -40oC to +30o with 360/460V supply
- 20' & 40' Arctic SuperStores -40oC to +30oC with 360/460V supply
- 40' Arctic Ultra Freezer -60oC to +300C with 360/460V supply

Alternative power supply (to 3 phase 360/440V) models are available in certain countries.