How to kill Bed bugs in clothes, furniture & furnishings

ArcticStores are often used by museums and private people to eradicate infestations in furniture, clothes, bed linen, curtains, carpets, fabrics and even cars!

As we travel more it seems there is an increasing tendency that sometimes we bring unwanted house guests back us! 48-72 hours in a container at -40C and they are dead as the core temperature of all contents will be well below their tolerance!! Heat over +45C can also be used.

This can sometimes be performed on our sites.

Let TITAN kill your bed bugs with -30C

To really have success you need to get rid of bedbugs from everything at the same time.

With an ArcticStore refrigerated container we can freeze all your belongings, large and small, to minus 30C. We recommend 24/48 hours with a reasonably full container to ensure -30C core temperature as many fabrics have good insulation effect. Thereafter a gradual warming of the container.
For your information and consideration. Most products can be frozen without causing damage but excluding products containing fluids.

Apart from where shown we normally freeze to -30C improving effect and reducing the time required. You should consider freezing all fabrics including the following household items:

  • All types of indoor and outdoor clothing.

  • All furniture with fabric content, curtains, mats and carpets

  • Modern books and other documents - not antique!

  • Bags, shoes and suitcases

  • Mattresses, cushions, pillows and all forms of bed linen

  • Jewellery, pictures and play toys

  • Electronics - not LCD/plasma screens

  • Cars and boats - not below anti-freeze rating

To be 100% effective requires core temperature of -18C or lower for 2-4 days. We freeze to -30C for 2 days (recommended) followed by a gradual heating to +20C.