Real power savings reduce your costs - our modern refrigerated rental containers will save you $'s

Saving $'s with TITAN ArcticStores

All of the ArcticStore reefer containers we hire and rent in Australia have new technology machinery. The majority are TK Magnum plus.

As can be seen from the graph supplied by TK their investigations indicated that the Magnum plus is the most power efficient machine in comparison tests though it also a true statement that power savings when comparing the Magnum plus with other new technology may not be that large the story becomes very different when comparing with older technology refrigeration.

In house TITAN comparison testing shows major power savings when comparing with typical older reefer containers. The lower graph is a combination of various temperature settings from deep freeze to chill. The new and used containers were tested at the same time with same conditions over 24 hour periods.

The conclusion and experience is that new containers deliver power savings of from 40% to almost 70% with the greatest savings at chill temperatures. These findings are strongly supported by TK's statistics.

It is probable that power savings are even greater when doors are often opened as is often the case with storage applications. What influences power consumption irrespective of set point and external ambient temperatures:


The original machine specification and engineering. Modern machinery is better engineered with major reductions in power required to achieve the required effect. New technology will always be more eficient than old technology marine units.

The insulation value of the container. This reduces through shipping use. Even small dents reduce the insulation value whilst repaired holes may have left water in the insulation.

Container doors are a major zone for poor insulation. Over the years small damages accumulate and door gaskets often leak even when the doors are 100% closed.


It is probable that power savings are even greater when doors are often opened, as is often the case with storage applications.